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Our ecosystem unit focuses on the interactions of our New York organisms and their environment.

  • Trophic levels and Food Webs
  • Anadromous vs. Catadromous – tracking the American eel and Striped Bass
  • Keystone Species – the Billion Oyster Project
  • Habitats - Home in the Eel Grass
  • The Tidal Zone - Life in flux

Human Impact on our Waters

The goal of this unit is to raise awareness of how decisions we make impact our environment. 

  • Man made structures – Life in the Shadows and Artificial Reefs
  • What’s afloat? – Plastics in our waters
  • CSO’s – What goes down our sewers goes into our rivers 

Climate Change

Here, we equip tomorrow’s stewards with the knowledge to navigate future challenges. 

  • Sea Level Rise – The future coastline 
  • Climate Induced Invasives – Our new neighbors
  • Coral Bleaching – Reefs in peril 

Responsible Use of Our Estuary

In this unit students will understand what it means to be socially and environmentally responsible.

  • Recreation – Why can’t I swim here?
  • Sustainable Fishing – Keeping our oceans alive
  • Fish Advisory Program – What can I eat?

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